Peace Brown
Peace Brown

Taylor Swift out and about on September 16 in NYC.

Taylor Swift and Olivia Benson  out and about on September 16 in NYC.

Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran in London 2/2/14

Favourite Outfits of 2013:
Performance - CMA Fest (June 6)

Victoria Beckham top
Miu Miu brogues

Sarah: By now does it surprise you to see another “Highway Don’t Care” performance outfit in my top favourite list? Taylor wore a /lot/ of black-high waisted shorts and sparkly oxfords during 2013. But the surprise addition of a simple but beautiful Victoria Beckham sleeveless lace top made this performance ensemble so memorable to me.
That and I couldn’t resist creating a "Tim McGraw" remix audio from Taylor’s set here and meshing it with a 2007 performance.

taylorswift on Tumblr

As she turned to walk away from her past lives, she paused momentarily and looked back in wistful nostalgia. About how in her heartbreak she found freedom, friends, and the ability to look back and laugh at all she had learnt. She now lives life on her own terms and still has fantastic hair.